Istiran food specialities part 2.

Black cuttlefish risotto – cuttlefish marine cephalopod that has a special place in the traditional Istrian cuisine. The simplest and most famous dish of cuttlefish black risotto rice why you love in an entirely different way.
Adriatic squid – the most valued of all types of cephalopods in Istria. Most Admired they caught a special hook (bait). Because of the delicate taste of the sea, can be prepared in many different ways – grilled, fried, stuffed, with vinegar, hot peppers and aromatic herbs or with a few drops of lemon and a little chives. Taste is in the Days of Adriatic squid in the northwestern Istria.
Novigradske Scallops – shell scallops. It is considered one of the tastiest shellfish in the world of mixing seawater with fresh river water in Novigrad waters. Muscle shells excellent fried, au gratin or cheese. Try them at the Days of shells in northwestern Istria.
Oyster – shell, which is more than the Romans considered a delicacy. Her flesh is extremely nutritious and most delicious in the winter. Most often eaten raw with a few drops of lemon juice.
Rakovica – big cancer from the seabed and premium sea delicacies. It has a soft and sweet flesh. Preparation spoken in lettuce served in the shell with olive oil, garlic, parsley and lemon or in sauce.
Sardines – delicious small pelagic fish, foster generation of Istrian fishermen and their families. It is best to taste the prepared on the grill, but as a specialty offered salted or marinated.
Savudrijska sole (list) – top quality white fish and one of the symbols of northwestern Istria. Try it in a number of variants in the Days of the Sole fish – carpaccio, soup with white truffle, with homemade pasta …
Shrimp – delicious crabs from the family lobster. In Istria are saved in many ways: in sauce, grilled, fried, rice and pasta. You may also be interested in the raw version.